Understanding And Function Of Family Communication

family communication is needed in a family. A family is a group of people consisting of father, mother, child, and child. Or family is the smallest unit in a community that lives together from some people who have the same origin who reside together. The family can also be interpreted as the first social group in human life in which he learns and manifests himself as a social man, in interaction with his group.

Function of Family Communication

In a real family, communication is something to be nurtured, so that family members feel deep bonds and need each other. The family is the most important primary group in society, formed from the relationships of men and women, this relationship that lasts a long time to create and raise children. The family in pure form is a social unity consisting of father, mother, and children .

Understanding family communication according to the expert

In the opinion of Rae Sedwig (1985), Family Communications is an organization that uses words, gestures, the intonation of sounds, actions to create image expectations, expressions of feelings and mutual understanding .

Communication in the family can also be interpreted as readiness to talk openly everything in the family both fun and less fun. It is also ready to solve problems in the family with a conversation that lived with patience and honesty and openness .

Associated with the definition of communication in the family is a communication that occurs between husband and wife, and also involves other family members. It also includes children as well as parents. The process of delivering information and/or interactions that occur in a family can be called communication within the family. This communication will also affect all existing family members.

Function of Family Communication

You need to know, family communication is very important. This will contribute to the development of a family. Likewise with the function of communication in the family, in addition to the impact on family harmony, will also impact on a very good thing and this also depends on effective communication. In theory, the main function of communication in the family would be difficult to change, but because society has now changed. So, did not rule out some of the social function of the family will also experience changes.

    Educational Functions.

    As an element of the educational center level, it is the first educational environment for children. In this position, it is a fairness if the daily family life, at certain times the educational situation that is lived by the child and directed at the actions that are in accordance with the purpose of education.

    Socialization function.

    Through interaction with the family, the child learns patterns of behavior, attitudes, beliefs, ideas and values ​​in society in order to develop his personality. In order to carry out this socialization function, the family has a position as a link between the child and the social life and social norms that include illumination, filtering, and interpretation into a language understood by the child.

    Protective Functions.

    This function is more focused and emphasizes the sense of security and protection when the child feels safe and protected before the child can be free to take care of the environment.

    Affective Functions.

    What is meant by the function of affection is a social relationship filled with affection and affection. Children usually have their own sensitivity to the emotional climates contained in the family warmth that are most important for the development of the child’s personality.

    Religious Functions.

    The family is obliged to introduce and invite children and families to religious life. So through the introduction of this family is expected to educate children and their members to be a religious man in accordance with the family belief.

    Economic Function.

    This family function includes income earning, planning and spending. Implementation is done by and for all family members, so it will increase mutual understanding, solidarity and shared responsibility.